September 26, 2022

Tom Cotton just tried to smear Kamala Harris and claim Republicans aren’t racist but got shut down immediately

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The Democratic debates last night served as a reminder of how diverse and knowledgable our field of candidates is, especially when compared to the crooks and slavering ignoramuses who populate the Republican Party’s mob of elected officials.


One of the standouts during the debate proved to be Senator Kamala Harris of California, who scored major points by dinging frontrunner Joe Biden on his past opposition to desegregation busing. It was a powerful moment, made especially so because Harris is herself a woman of color who was bused as a child.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), one of the most odious members of our government, decided it would be wise to crassly exploit Harris’s words by taking to Twitter to announce that she and Biden are “helpfully reminding” the country that Democrats “were the party of slavery, secession & segregation.”

If Cotton in his frothing zeal had paused but a moment he may have noticed that he typed “were” as in past tense, as in the Democratic Party may have had a troubling past, but the parties have since switched decades ago and the GOP is now undeniably the party of racism, a fact which is underlined by how few people of color there are within its ranks.

Cotton’s contention that the Republican Party “has always stood for the natural equality of all men & women” is absurd at face value if one simply looks at the current head of the party. Donald Trump ascended to the presidency by vilifying Mexicans and Muslims, and Republican Pary voters lapped it up eagerly.

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Twitter users were quick to swarm Cotton with mockery. Popular historian Kevin M. Kruse led the pack by raising the obvious question. If the Democratic Party is still a party of racism why does Kamala Harris feel comfortable as a member? And why does almost every African American in Congress feel at home in the Democratic Party as well?

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It is absurd how often we hear this disingenuous narrative from the right-wing in which they try to cynically exploit the historical ignorance of their base and absolve themselves of the virulent racism and discrimination that animates the right-wing today — but the obvious lack of enthusiasm for the effort makes it clear that in reality, Republicans like Tom Cotton aren’t sorry that their party is now the party of bigotry.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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