Trump just sent an unhinged threat to Iran’s President after his mental abilities were mocked


President Trump’s intelligence is once again under attack from a senior statesman, except this time it’s not from a member of his own cabinet. In response to escalating tensions between the United States and Iran,  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has declared the new rounds of sanctions levied on his country as “outrageous and idiotic” and added that the White House, which is to say Trump, is “mentally retarded.”

The fiery speech was delivered through Iranian state television and reported by Al Jazeera and quickly spread to numerous other news outlets.

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Rouhani was insistent that Iran is not fearful of American saber-rattling and dismissed the latest round of economic pressures instituted by the Trump administration as a sign of desperation. While there is little defense to be made of the Iranian regime and the oppressive and cruel treatment if often inflicts on its citizens, the White House would be wise to deescalate tensions. Iran poses no immediate threat to the United States and stumbling into another war like Iraq would be an unmitigated disaster, despite what the bloodthirsty hawk’s in Trump’s cabinet think.

Our president, who never reads, understands little, and makes no effort to learn, is infamously insecure about his intellect. While he claims to have a “very large brain,” very few would agree with that statement. This is the same man whose former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called a “f*cking moron” which prompted Trump to lash out and say that Tillerson is “dumb as a rock.” All of which is to say, it was only a matter of time before Trump responded to Rouhani’s insults.

Proving once again what an incompetent diplomat he is, Trump took to Twitter to state that Iranian leadership only understands “Strength and Power.” He bragged about the United States’ powerful military and it’s massive budget, implicitly raising the specter of war. He pretended to care about the suffering of the Iranian people, although by now it’s clear Donald Trump has only ever cared about himself.


Trump lambasted Iran’s support of terror and whined about Rouhani’s “ignorant and insulting” statement, two adjectives which could apply to just about everything that dribbles out of this reality television president’s mouth. He winded down the Tweetstorm by stating that any aggression from Iran will be met with “great and overwhelming force” before getting in one parting shot at President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, who he believes were weak on Iran.

Hopefully, these tensions remain rhetorical. War would be a terrible, historical crime and blunder and would make the world less, not more, safe. Trump in the Oval Office inspires little confidence, but we must hope for the best and make sure to vote him out the first chance we get. The lives of millions could very well depend on it.

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Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.