February 5, 2023

A Democratic Rep just caused a stir with his frank takedown of Trump’s latest policy blunder

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President Trump may have managed to avert all-out war with his disastrous Iran policies at least temporarily for now, but his horrendous miscalculations in the Middle East have given his critics plenty with which to lambast him.


After Trump announced the imposition of additional sanctions against the Shiite Muslim country and its theocratic leaders today, the Democratic Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Representative John Yarmouth (D-KY) had had enough of the president’s incompetent fumbling of foreign policy.

Yarmouth abandoned all decorum and addressed Trump with the same defiantly accurate epithet that his former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson once used to describe the mental capacity of the president — minus the colorful four-letter adjective that Tillerson used to precede his use of the term.

The Kentucky congressman minced no words in pointing out the idiocy of Trump’s petulant unilateral withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear deal that was negotiated by the Obama administration and a host of our international allies and was designed to prevent the very scenario that Trump has led the world into now — the prospect of Iran’s development of nuclear weapons that would upset the balance of power in the region and set off a potentially deadly arms race.

Yarmuth’s obvious contempt for the president is not just demonstrated in his willingness to plainly denigrate the intelligence of the man who considers himself to be a “stable genius,” but has been described as having the intellect of “a fifth- or sixth-grader” by former Defense Secretary General James Mattis and as “unhinged” and “an idiot” by his former Chief of Staff John Kelly.

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The House Budget Committee Chairman is also one of the more than 75 congressional representatives who have called for impeachment proceedings against Trump to begin immediately.

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Given his chosen salutation to President Trump, there is little question as to how he would vote once those proceedings are brought to a vote to refer to the Senate.

Let’s just hope that Trump doesn’t start a war with Iran before those proceedings ever take place.

If you want to avoid that fate, you’d be well advised to call your representative to urge them to demand that impeachment proceedings begin as soon as possible. The evidence is there and the price we may pay if it isn’t done soon is immeasurable.

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