It’s Sunday morning. Do you know where your president is? Trump just tweeted to let us know

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Sunday morning is usually a time when President Trump starts his day with a prodigious flurry of tweets before heading off to play golf at one of his resorts while lining his pockets at taxpayer expense.

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The flurry was merely a trickle this morning and one of the president’s few tweets so far today explained why.

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While the president doesn’t delineate a specific religious epiphany that inspired his tweet thanking an undetermined subject for the service, perhaps the public announcement of a rare attendance at a religious service indicates that President Trump is worried about losing support among his already fracturing evangelical base after the accusations of rape against him by a noted advice columnist this week.

Trump’s other tweets this morning were more in line with his typical fare. Before his detailing of his religious exploits, he sent a tweet reiterating the reasoning behind his decision to postpone the immigration raids on undocumented refugees that he had threatened to begin on Monday.

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It remains to be seen if the president’s latest attempt to use extortionary tactics like the threat of mass deportation will succeed in forcing Democrats to pass immigration laws that will pass the muster with Trump’s white nationalist immigration advisor Stephen Miller.

As Trump declares “Two weeks and big Deportation begins,” one can expect him to begin tweeting a countdown to ICE expulsions daily until his deadline arrives.

The president’s latest tweet returns to defending his misguided notions about how tariffs work and their value to the economy.

Trump’s reference to a time when America had no debt and built highways and a great military is completely and utterly mythical as there has been no time since 1835 that the United States government has not held debt — a time when neither highways nor motorized vehicles had yet to have been invented.

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How ironic that the businessman who made his name as a “King of debt” — and of subsequent bankruptcies — is now extolling the virtue of all “CASH” financing while admitting that taxes — which is what tariffs actually are in essence — fund our infrastructure.

The president continues to peddle his delusional belief that the rest of the global community is engaging in a vast conspiracy against America to “steal our wealth, treasure, and jobs” — a paranoid fantasy that he utilizes because demonizing foreigners works so well for him politically.

Trump fails to point out that at the time when America was first building out its highway infrastructure between the end of World War II and 1971, the top income tax rate ranged from between 70% to 92%.

For Trump and his billionaire buddies, the USA is indeed “doing great.” For the majority of Americans who have endured an ever dwindling portion of the economic pie, however, it may be less than unlimited on the upside under a Trump presidency.

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