September 26, 2022

Hope Hicks’ testimony just revealed a secret about the Trump pee tape

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The House Judiciary Committee just released a 273-page transcript of their interview with Hope Hicks and it contains a bombshell revelation about what the Trump campaign knew of the alleged Russian kompromat tapes during the election.


Trump’s former campaign communications director appeared with a team of White House and DOJ lawyers flanking her to testify about the president’s ties to Russia.

In addition to admitting that she won’t take his calls anymore and breaking with President Trump on his willingness to accept a foreign government’s election help, Hicks revealed startling news about the most salacious mystery of his political career.

It turns out that practically the entire Trump campaign knew that there could be a Russian pee tape with hookers and their candidate floating around, according to the transcript:

House Judiciary Committee testimony from Hope Hicks in June 2019.

Katrina Pierson is one of Trump’s most shameless campaign propagandists, who gained infamy in 2016 for praising slavery on national television and wearing a necklace of bullets on CNN (who infamously gave her that platform).

One could be forgiven for disbelieving her, but apparently, Pierson’s “grassroots” sources really did know something potentially important about Donald Trump’s closely scrutinized trip to Russia.

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The Mueller Report contained a totally different stunning bombshell about the alleged pee tape revealed by former-British spy Christopher Steele’s dossier. His team found that Michael Cohen independently heard from one of Trump’s overseas business partners that a pee tape existed, though that source later told Mueller he believed it wasn’t true.

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And even though White House and DOJ lawyers heavily censored Hicks’ interview, she managed to confirm one of the most central elements of the Mueller Report: Donald Trump welcomed Russia’s help after he publicly begged them to hack Hillary Clinton.

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Nobody expected any major bombshells from Hope Hicks during today’s testimony.

Yet, today’s drop from Hicks – who is now the head of public relations at Fox News – means that it wasn’t just an isolated story that Trump’s convicted former fixer knew about, but something akin to general knowledge inside the campaign.

Here’s the complete transcript:

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