Trump Jr. just sparked a Republican civil war with surprise attack on Roy Moore after Senate run announcement


The 2020 Alabama Senate race received a surprise jolt this afternoon when accused pedophile and unrepentant racist Judge Roy Moore announced that he would once again be contending for the seat won by Sen. Doug Jones during a 2017 special election.

He joins a crowded Republican primary field and threatens to drag down the rest of his fellow conservatives with all the baggage he carries, which includes multiple accusations of sexual misconduct with underage girls (to the point where he was allegedly banned from a mall), homophobia, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism.

An utterly reprehensible man, Moore naturally would go on to lose his election by a mere 1.5% of the vote.

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While President Trump championed Moore during the election, the president soured on him after having to be associated with his humiliating defeat. Moore’s second election announcement was met with irritation from Trumpworld, which has decided to move on from the Roy Moore experience and towards someone else who doesn’t share the president’s worst baggage quite so prominently.

It appears a feud is developing, as Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to criticize Roy Moore for running and accused him of “going against his father” when Moore tried to argue that he, in fact, was not going against Trump.


Roy Moore wades into a crowded primary featuring non-accused-pedophile candidates like former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville, Rep. Bradley Burn of Alabama’s 1st district, and possibly more prominent Republicans like Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill and disgraced Attorney General ex-Jeff Sessions.

Of course, the race is still very young, which is probably why Moore is interested in it. If conflict develops between the Trump camp and the Moore camp, things are bound to get messy — which can mean only good things for Senator Jones, who faces an uphill battle to keep his seat in a presidential election year.

Get your popcorn ready.

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Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.