January 29, 2023

Trump just lashed out at Hillary and hurled wild accusations at Dems after Hope Hicks hearing

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With the drumbeats for a war with Iran pounding away in the White House, where is President Trump’s attention fixated on?


Today the answer was the House Judiciary Committee where his former White House aide Hope Hicks was being questioned about her testimony to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team regarding the president’s attempts at obstructing the investigation into his campaign’s links to Russian interference in the 2016 election.

While Hicks was accompanied by both her own attorneys and a White House lawyer sent to make sure that she would not violate the executive privilege claims that the president is trying to have extended to even to the time before he was inaugurated, her responses to questioning by the House members on the committee were reported to be of little use after the majority of her answers in the closed-door session invoked that privilege as an excuse to refuse to answer the representatives inquiries.

For Trump, infuriated at the refusal of Congress to drop the further investigations into the obstruction of justice charges that the Mueller report disclosed, the temporary success of his plan to prevent Hicks from speaking about what she knows about some of the most egregious instances of presidential behavior was not enough to quell his anger.

As usual, he took to Twitter to vent his anger.

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Trump has consistently repeated his completely fabricated declaration of his innocence of both “collusion” — a term not in the legal lexicon and therefore not investigated by the special counsel — and obstruction of justice as he does in this tweet, where he again claims “total exoneration” and childishly blames the Democrats’ desire for a “Do Over” for the legal troubles his former aide now has to navigate.

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The president’s inability to take responsibility for his own behavior and his reflexive finger-pointing at Hillary Clinton’s exhaustively investigated email scandal — which he refuses to abandon as a talking point despite the former Secretary of State having no formal political role since she lost the electoral college vote — demonstrate how panicked he must be at the prospect of Hicks spilling her guts about what really went on behind the closed doors of the Oval office.

Trump also resurrects his new talking point about the multiple House investigations into his actions by referring to the inquiries — which he has done everything within his power to stymie by refusing an iota of cooperation — as “Rigged,” as if he himself has not been the one trying to do the rigging.

Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum is just as filled with falsehoods, resentment, and anger as just about everything else he posts. It’s just one more example of why he needs to be removed from office as soon as possible.

Given the lack of cooperation from the White House, the need to move to formal impeachment proceedings has become immediate. That way testimony can be compelled from the witnesses that Trump is trying to silence without the need for lengthy court battles over executive privilege, and we can learn the hidden truths about Trump’s crimes before he damages the country even further.

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