August 11, 2022

Trump just went on an insecure rant about Fox News and his sinking re-election chances

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President Trump’s formerly unquestioned media ally — Fox News — is losing his unfettered faith after releasing a poll yesterday that shows President Trump being beaten by five different Democratic opponents if the presidential election were to be held today.


Unfortunately, unlike the internal polling companies that Trump hired to conduct campaign research, the president can’t fire the Fox News polling team — as he did to his own pollsters after word leaked that former Vice President Joe Biden was already beating him eleven key swing states.

Instead, he took to Twitter to express his disappointment with his usually reliable media shills, complaining that “Something weird” was happening at Fox News.

Of course, President Trump starts his tweet with a lie, claiming that the cable right-wing opinion network’s polls are consistently negative for him when the channel regularly spews his praises and spins any negative news about him into the magic fairy dust of his supporters’ dreams.

Gratuitously adding an insult towards his previous Democratic opponent, Trump next lies about how his internal polling data demonstrates his lead “in all 17 Swing States” — a claim that is likely merely the president trying to reverse the impression created by the now-fired polling firms which leaked the negative information about the true results of their surveys and whose data has presumably been discarded to achieve numbers more to Trump’s liking.

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Switching trains of thought mid-tweet without logic or reason, the president then takes issue with ABC News‘ claim that they spent 30 hours with him in creating the George Stephanopoulos interview that aired on their network last night.

Apparently, exaggerating the amount of time that Stephanopoulos and his team could stand to spend in the presence of President Trump deserves a “Fake News” designation for ABC, while Fox News avoids a similar fate with its negative story on the ever-decreasing popular demand for his re-election.

Perhaps this tweet from Trump is simply his way of warning the Rupert Murdoch-owned “news” organization that if they continue to increase the percentage of actual facts on their airwaves, that the president will begin to lump them in with the rest of the Lügenpresse, as his fascist predecessors liked to call “the lying press.”

Either way, it proves that our thin-skinned president is allergic both to the truth and to any negative reality that interferes with his own self-image as a winner and the center of his own submissive universe. Or —as most people would describe it — he is wildly delusional.

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