Trump just dangled the prospect of staying in office more than two terms

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The public psychopathology that is President Trump’s Twitter feed continued apace this morning as the president embarked once again on a slew of attacks against his opponents and proclaimed his ego-boosting boasts of dubious credibility.

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His first major tweet of the day took the form of gloating over his claim that the many marches across the country yesterday calling for his immediate impeachment did not attract the sizeable crowds of some of the previous protests against his administration, such as the original Women’s March held shortly after his inauguration.

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Trump’s quoted source for the supposedly low turnout numbers being his virtual state media channel Fox News, the believability of his claim is suspect.

However, with media coverage of the impeachment rallies scant as the truly massive street protests in Hong Kong dominated front pages, Twitter posts of photos of the rallies were the only way to get any sense of the thousands of people who demanded the president’s removal from office over the Mueller report revelations and over his open defiance of constitutional norms — as demonstrated most recently by his admission that he’d accept opposition research from foreign sources without notifying the FBI.

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Trump’s inclusion of a supposed quote calling him the “Greatest President since Ronald Reagan” is another sign of his necessity for the constant feeding of his fragile ego. That he is proud of a comparison to the president who started the tax policies that instigated the destruction of the American middle class is telling.

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Trump moved onto attacking his usual media targets with his next series of tweets, despite the fact that they had just done him a huge favor by refusing to give any significant coverage to the thousands of protestors beseeching Congress for impeachment nationwide.

The impetus for this latest presidential assault of the rights of a free press is apparent in its first words: “a poll.”

Trump is still raging over the coverage by the two main national newspapers of the dismal results of the president’s internal polling which shows him trailing all of the Democratic frontrunners in the 2020 contest in key swing states.

While neither paper is likely to be bothered much by being labeled “dishonest and deceitful” by the most mendacious president in history, his repeat of his frequent “Enemy of the People” sobriquet for the media demonstrates how normalized President Trump’s fascistic tendencies have become.

He’s repeated this accusation so many times now that people have lost their sense of outrage over a comment that so aptly proves his contempt for constitutional freedoms and his acute inability to weather the slightest hint of critical news.

The arrogance of Trump’s assumption that his re-election is a foregone conclusion and his blatant insinuation that some sort of popular demand would force the nation to revise  — or ignore — the constitution to allow for him to serve beyond the presidential term limits almost draws attention away from the most horrifying implied threat contained in his tweet — that by the end of his imagined second term he will have eliminated what he sees as the scourge of a free press.

Of course, President Trump couldn’t fail to be haunted by his perceived enemies even as he tried to send a Father’s Day message to the nation.

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Trump’s fallacious assertion that his critics are now fewer in number dovetails with his rejection of the reality of his sinking poll numbers.

While the syntax, punctuation, and general inability to display fluency in the written English language that the president exhibits in today’s tweets are disgraceful coming from the leader of our nation, the content of President Trump’s messages is what is truly horrifying.

That is why we must return to the streets in even greater numbers to rival the strength and steadfastness of Hong Kong’s defiant citizens fighting for their rights and demand the removal of this vile man-baby from office. You know it needs to be done.

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Vinnie Longobardo

Vinnie Longobardo is a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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