Trump just made an ominous threat about a 2020 election loss

The Fear-Mongerer-in-Chief is at it again.

President Trump is so shaken by his internal polls showing him trailing multiple Democratic presidential contenders in key swing states that he is waging a Twitter campaign to scare the electorate into voting for him using the bogeyman of an economic collapse as his cudgel.

As usual, Trump is denying facts and reality while trying to use economic anxiety as a weapon to scare people from voting to remove him from office.

The cold dry economic statistics prove that Trump’s economy is merely an extension of the Obama recovery from the previous Republican economic disaster where George W. Bush transformed the budget surpluses of the Clinton era into the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression of the 1930s — nearly destroying the American auto industry in the process and leaving many Americans still attempting to recover their losses over a decade later.

Moreover, all of the economic policies of the Trump era have been practically designed to bring about a repeat of the Bush economic disaster — from the trillion-dollar giveaway to the already ultra-wealthy in the Republican tax plan to the weakening of the Dodd-Frank financial industry regulations to Trump’s tariff and trade wars that have driven costs up for consumers in a form of hidden taxation.

With economists predicting a downturn in 2019 after an unprecedented stretch of a bull market simply based upon the extraordinary length of the continuous expansion, Trump is betting with his tweet portending economic doom if a Democrat wins that the slowdown won’t turn into a full-blown recession until after the election — a risky prediction, at best.

Of course, you can be assured that if a recession arrives while the campaign is in full swing, Trump will undoubtedly find a way to blame the Democrats anyway.

After all, fear is the default mode of his entire campaign strategy — fear of “the other,” of the immigrant refugee, of the people of color, of those with a little less than you, and now, of a Democratic-controlled economy, despite the fact that the economy consistently does better under Democratic administrations.

Trump’s tweet will only be effective with low-information voters who simply don’t know — or don’t care to know — the actual economic facts. Unfortunately, there are way too many of those out there, as Trump’s core base demonstrates.

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