March 23, 2023

Trump just rattled off a laundry list of all the things he’s freaking out about in wild Twitter rant

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Our very stable genius president seems to have had a particularly rough morning. His early tweetstorms are nothing new by now, but they do serve as an easy way to augur his mental state and mood. Judging by the flurry of messages he unleashed today, the president is one bad headline away from a complete meltdown.

President Trump started by defending a felon, his disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, presumably because the House Intelligence Committee has just issued Flynn a subpoena. The fact that he opened his tweetstorm by talking about Flynn shows he’s still worried about what the man might reveal to Democrats.

Next, he addressed the Democrats’ issuing of subpoenas to his corrupt Attorney General William Barr and equally if not more corrupt Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. Their refusal to respond to the lawful subpoenas prompted Democrats to vote to hold both men in contempt of Congress yesterday.

The two officials have refused to respond to subpoenas demanding that they provide information about the administration’s attempt to add a citizenship question to the census in 2020. Critics suspect this is a blatant attempt to undermine the validity of the census numbers and give Republicans a leg up in elections. It’s also a transparent attempt to pander to the virulently xenophobic wing of the president’s base.

Trump tried to paint the perfectly reasonable decision by Democrats as some kind of unfair hardball when in reality it’s his administration that’s breaking norms by ignoring the subpoena power of Congress. They’re acting like they’re above the law, and Democrats must be commended for calling their bluff. It has nothing to do with some desire to “embarrass the Trump administration” as the president claimed in his tweets, it’s about right and wrong. It’s about holding criminality accountable.

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President Trump then zeroed in on one of his greatest anxieties, his possible impeachment. He quoted lawyer and consistently sycophantic supporter Alan Dershowitz, who says that Congress will not be able to pursue impeachment proceedings because it would somehow “put them above the law,” an utterly nonsensical statement given the fact that Trump is the one who appears to have tried to obstruct justice ten different times, according to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The president and his lackeys are grasping for straws as each new day makes it ever more clear how badly he deserves to be booted from office.

President Trump took a jab at the entire Democratic Party by calling them “loco” and unhinged, a laughably hypocritical claim from a man whose mental facilities are clearly unraveling before our very eyes. It’s projection on his part, plain and simple.

Yesterday, Trump poured gasoline on the fire of impeachment discussion by admitting in an interview that he would be open to receiving dirt on his 2020 opponents from foreign entities, a shocking statement even from a man as deeply crooked as he. In his tweets, he tried to excuse his unpatriotic admission by saying that he talks to “foreign governments” every day as president.

Obviously, there is no comparison to be made between a president conducting diplomacy with foreign nations and a candidate for election or reelection accepting help secret help from them to win. The former is part of his job, the latter is a betrayal of his oath of office. The bad faith nature of this particular defense shows just how impossible it is to rationally excuse his earlier comments.

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President Trump then devolved into a confusing and rambling attack on the behavior of Democrats, trying and failing to draw parallels between his own desire for foreign assistance in the election and the perfectly legal and reasonable actions of Senator Mark Warner (D-V) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Once again, we see him flailing about in a desperate display of projection and conspiracy theorizing.

This man is deeply unwell, deeply unfit to serve, and must be removed if not by impeachment, then at the ballot box as soon as possible.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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