New poll numbers of Trump vs. top Democratic candidates were just released and Twitter has a field day


Quinnipiac University just released a new national poll that has Democrats rejoicing and President Trump spiraling further down the path of despondency and paranoia.

The reason? The fact that the poll shows six top Democratic presidential candidates all beating Trump in head to head matches if the election were to be held today.

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With the poll showing the president never rising above 42% against any of the Democratic contenders, Twitter erupted with a host of satirical hypothetical matchups that Trump would perform no better against than the range of choices listed, one of whom he will likely face next year.

Here’s a sampling of the best of the hysterical fictional contests and their anticipated results.


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Apparently, there are a lot of things that many people would prefer to a second term for Donald Trump, but don’t forget that polls don’t take into account the electoral college, foreign interference, hacked voting machines, disappearing ballots, third-party candidates, voter suppression, electoral fraud, and the multitude of other factors that could affect the results of the actual election next year.

All the more reason not to let polls like this one — and the responses on Twitter — give anyone a sense of the inevitability of Trump’s defeat.

We must all keep working to turn out the vote for our preferred candidate in the primaries and the general election beyond that. For now, however, we’ll take all the good news we can get and have some fun imagining how bad anything would need to be to have a lower favorability poll than President Trump.

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