Mike Huckabee just attacked Alec Baldwin for his SNL Trump role and Baldwin’s brother owned him

Actor Alec Baldwin recently commented that he’s “so done” impersonating President Trump on Saturday Night Live after three seasons of playing dumb and making that pouty face.

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Baldwin’s remarks inspired Mike Huckabee — the former Arkansas governor who still uses his old title in his Twitter handle despite not having held public office since 2007 — to use the occasion to attack the venerable NBC comedy program as “unfunny vicious Trump bashing” and to promote his own show on the Christian televangelist haven, Trinity Broadcasting Network .

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Unfortunately for Huckabee — whose only modern relevance comes from fathering the most dishonest and incompetent White House Press Secretary in history — Alec’s brother and fellow actor Billy Baldwin saw his tweet and decided to rise to his sibling’s defense…at the expense of the failed former Republican presidential candidate and his daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

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Ouch! Better send Mr. Huckabee to the burn victims unit at the nearest hospital.

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The responses to the younger Baldwin’s reply to Mike Huckabee demonstrate the level of ownership Billy Baldwin achieved with his witty retort.


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Hopefully, Mike Huckabee will look elsewhere when trying to find ways to promote his TV show in the future, picking on someone less likely to bite back when he attacks.

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