Trump just threw a telling tantrum over the lawyer who helped force Nixon’s resignation

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The irony of President Trump’s old tweets criticizing President Obama for laziness and wasting taxpayer dollars while playing golf in office has grown so immense that it rivals the size of the elephant that Republicans have adopted as their symbol.

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With Trump having spent so much of his presidency pocketing American tax dollars by golfing at his own resorts and a considerable portion of the remainder of his days on “executive time” — the White House euphemism for when Trump is sitting in his pajamas watching Fox News and tweeting — one has to wonder whether his slothfulness is a blessing or a curse.

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With the president’s stress levels at record highs since the contents of the Mueller report became available for people to read for themselves and the calls for impeachment grow, Trump’s productivity has fallen to new lows as noted by Twitter wags.

It’s not just golf outings that the president relies on to help dispel his anxiety, however. His Twitter output has soared of late, with Trump tweeting essentially the same defensive, credibility-deficient messages over and over again as he watches cable TV news and hears the latest negative reports on his administration.

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The president was obviously watching the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings this afternoon featuring the testimony of the former White House Counsel for President Nixon, John Dean, who eventually turned into a key witness for the prosecution in the Watergate hearings after being convicted of a felony for helping cover up the last major Republican scandal to inspire calls for impeachment.

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Trump obviously was not pleased to hear what Dean had to say in pointing out the uncanny parallels between Nixon’s crimes and what the Mueller Report uncovered.

“In many ways the Mueller report is to President Trump what the so-called Watergate road map…was to President Richard Nixon,” Dean said, adding Mueller “has provided this committee a road map.”

Despite having sent an essentially identical tweet yesterday, Trump weighed in with his opinion of both the witness and the Democratic representatives who called him to speak in front of the committee.

Democrats invited Dean to testify about the implications of the findings of the Mueller Report and what potential actions its revelations could trigger.

Trump’s antipathy towards the former White House lawyer is unsurprising given his description of his former associates who’ve cooperated in the investigations into his obstructive actions as “rats,” using language more typically associated with mob bosses betrayed by their underlings.

The president again accuses the Democrats of wanting a “do-over” as if the investigations into his obstruction of justice were some sort of childhood playground game rather than an issue of national importance with the fate of our democracy at stake.

Yet, Trump simply grants himself a “do-over” to send the same message again and again and again and again, utilizing the fascist principle that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will begin to believe it.

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Unfortunately for President Trump, another old trope also applies to his penchant for repeatedly and purposefully misrepresenting the facts.

Like the boy who cried “wolf,” when there was no beast to be found anywhere in the vicinity, someone who develops a reputation for untrustworthiness soon finds that no one will believe a single word they say, no matter how much truth their subsequent statements may or may not contain.

Trump passed that point with the majority of the American people a long time ago, and the only people who still believe him now are his core base of faithful low-information voters who are thankfully a minority of the voting public.

Hopefully, John Dean will help the Democrats move towards impeachment proceedings more quickly than they’ve been willing to act so far, giving the president the impetus to recycle his tweet yet another time.

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