Trump just got caught in an even bigger lie about his face-saving Mexico immigration deal

If there is indeed a direct correlation between the number of retweets of supporters’ posts that President Trump makes and the level of his own anxiety over his precarious future in the White House as some have suggested, then the president deserves a serious dose of Xanax this evening.

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With a dozen retweets in the last two hours —on top of three posts of his own that were essentially rephrased versions of his earlier tweets — the president is self-medicating with fawning Twitter posts to bolster his already inflated ego after a week of increasingly dismal reviews of both his disastrous overseas excursion —  laden with extraneous family members along for a free vacation at taxpayer expense — and of his capitulation to Republican opposition to his foolish tariff threats against Mexico as leverage to achieve his immigration agenda.

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Trump tried to salvage his reputation as a master dealmaker by pretending that his tariff threats resulted in concessions from Mexico on trade and border security, but The New York Times revealed that the president’s announcement of a breakthrough in negotiations with our southern neighbor largely consisted of deal points negotiated well before Trump made his petulant tariff ultimatum.

One of the last tweets Trump sent himself today before beginning his obsessive retweet barrage repeated his accusations that The New York Times’ reporting was false, claiming that it had been proven so, but only offering his own discredited words as proof.

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Despite the president’s allegations, the newspaper stood by its reporting, issuing the following statement on Twitter in response to Trump’s initial tweet on the matter.

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Indeed, as Trump was busy attacking The New York Times, Time Magazine was outing another one of his lies — this one about the supposed deal for Mexico to purchase large quantities of agricultural products from American farmers that Trump announced via an all-caps tweet yesterday,

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According to Time:

“Increasing Mexico’s purchases from the U.S. wasn’t discussed during the three days of talks in Washington that led up to Friday’s agreement, said the three people with knowledge of the deliberations who weren’t authorized to speak publicly.”

No wonder Trump is pumping up his ego with fawning tweets supporting his deluded vision of the world as his lies unravel.

We’ll spare you the experience of seeing all of the right-wing bovine droppings that the president retweeted since they are all readily available on his Twitter feed, but suffice it to say that they were assembled from the posts of the worst that conservative media has to offer including freshly fragrant nuggets from the likes of Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Bill Mitchell, Breitbart News and other prominent defenders of the deplorable in right-wing media circles.

Let’s hope that the sedatives kick in soon and the public can spend the evening free from the president’s obsessive social media intrusions and the powerful smell that always emanates from his obvious loads of bull excrement.

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