Trump just attacked the Moon and then claimed it was part of Mars in bewildering Twitter attack


The president of the United States left the nation equally bewildered and amused this morning when he appeared to launch a Twitter attack against the moon and falsely asserted that the moon was somehow “part of Mars.”

As usual, the president’s bizarre outburst was prompted by something he saw on FOX News. This time it was Neil Cavuto and his bizarrely rectangular head whose noon segment inspired the President to immediately fire off whatever deformed and premature thoughts that manage to work its way out of his grease-strangled and apparently rotting cerebellum.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a Trump tweet if it wasn’t contradicting something he had said previously. The president bragged about sending people back to the Moon not three weeks ago:


While it’s likely that Trump is referring to the fact that many space scientists see the Moon as a gateway of sorts to getting to Mars, the fact that the president’s brain is incapable of articulating that in any kind of coherent way — and the fact that he doesn’t even stop to consider if his tweets make sense — is yet more evidence that he is mentally unfit to hold office and must be removed as soon as legally possible.

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UPDATED: The tweet instantly went viral, incurring some responses that are truly out of this world. Enjoy.



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Colin Taylor

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