Nancy Pelosi’s daughter just gave the classiest response to Trump’s morning insults about her mother


Earlier today, Donald Trump lashed out at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in a Twitter outburst pulsing with barely concealed fear. He attacked her recent comment that she believes he belongs in prison and referred to her as “Nervous Nancy Pelosi,” a nickname which makes no sense given the iron spine she has repeatedly demonstrated in standing up to his cruel and corrupt administration.

Crude as always, Trump zeroed in on Pelosi’s personal life, alleging that she is a “disgrace” to herself and her family, a stunningly ironic accusation coming from a man whose incredibly crooked family is working to steer this country right into the ground. Donald is not only a disgrace to himself and his family, but to the entire United States.

Pelosi’s family has reason to be incredibly proud of her and history will remember her as a patriot and advocate for the American people. Trump will end up as little more than an embarrassing stain on the pages of our history books.

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While Pelosi wisely chose not to rise to the bait and address the petty tweetstorm,  her daughter Christine rose to the occasion. Rather than slinging mud and lowering herself to the president’s level, she penned a simple and heartfelt tweet, saying that Nancy Pelosi’s family “adores” their “beloved and graceful Speaker/Mom/Mimi,” a nod to the many hats this incredible woman has worn and continues to wear in life.


Christine Pelosi ended the tweet with a sarcastic but gentle thank you to Trump for his “concern.” Clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and she embodies all of the class that her mother regularly displays. Her affection for her mother is a testament to the Speaker’s parenting and family-building.

One can’t help but contrast the Pelosis with the odious collection of villains that constitutes the president’s own family. In the future, Trump would be better off avoiding any mention of other people’s families, he’s doing himself no favors.

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