August 17, 2022

A court just ordered the release of crucial documents in mysterious Mueller case

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The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals just ordered the government to un-seal a treasure trove of documents that are part of the secretive grand jury subpoena battle which all the way up to the Supreme Court earlier this year.


Last October, outstanding reporting by Politico revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed grand jury testimony from a state-owned foreign corporation who refused to cooperate, unsuccessfully citing laws that keep foreign governments out of most federal court disputes.

Two months later, Mueller and the mystery corporation argued a closed-court appeal of the trial court’s ruling that they provide records and testimony, who lost, then appealed to the Supreme Court and lost to Mueller again.

After Mueller’s win, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press immediately filed an action to unseal records from the case in early April. Today, The Hill reports that the D.C. circuit ruled favor of releasing the records next month:

The three-judge panel ordered that the federal government file redacted versions of court filings in the case by June 21. The court also ordered that the government submit proposed redactions to the transcript of one proceeding in the case by July 12.

However, the judges rejected a request by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, which sought the documents, that they order the name of the unknown company be revealed. Still, the documents could reveal new details about the secretive legal battle.

We don’t know who the mystery company is, but the intense speculation is pointed at Russian companies such as state-owned oil company Rosneft, or banks like Sberbank, or media companies Sputnik News and/or RT. Then there are those who think the mystery company is the Qatari government’s sovereign wealth fund, QIA.

While Robert Mueller has resigned from public office as of last week’s dramatic press conference where he essentially referred President Trump to Congress for impeachment, the Special Counsel’s grand jury lives on.

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In early January, the grand jury’s life was extended.

According to Politico in late-March, even though Mueller’s report was turned in already, the grand jury was “robustly proceeding.”

The very day that Mueller resigned, Roger Stone’s former aide Andrew Miller agreed to testify and a week ago he finally sat down to tell the grand jury what he knows.

A grand jury can only remain open to investigate new crimes which haven’t been charged, though it can use any evidence it obtains against Stone if it’s incidental to prosecutors’ search for new crimes.

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It’s a tremendous mystery why the Mueller grand jury is continuing and what new crimes they believe will be uncovered after the Special Counsel has retired from the investigation.

But next month, we’ll get another major leap closer to learning what Robert Mueller was investigating that’s so important, it had to continue after he wrote a 448-page report and retired from public service.

Here’s a link to the records:

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