August 17, 2022

The RNC Chairwoman just tried to use D-Day to praise Trump in disgusting Fox segment

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It’s difficult to discern whether the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee was acting out of ignorance or sycophancy when she made an appearance on Fox Business this morning to complain about the media coverage of President Trump’s latest overseas jaunt.


One would think that Rona McDaniel believes that the “D” in D-Day stood for Donald by the way that she urged Americans to use the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the launch of that pivotal World War II Allied invasion of Normandy to “celebrate” Trump.

Given President Trump’s noted penchant for narcissism, there is a chance that McDaniel’s suggestion to redefine the purpose of the anniversary came from the ego-driven president himself, but only the RNC chairwoman can definitively determine her motivations in making such a ludicrous statement.

While she is correct that the American people dislike constant negativity, it is Trump’s own constant bellyaching related to his persecution complex and his vicious attacks on anyone who dares to point out his ignorance, incompetence, and criminality that are the source of the negativity that we despise.

As one would expect, McDaniel’s practically sacrilegious demeaning of the solemn remembrance of D-Day inspired a deluge of snarky Twitter responses to her partisan plea.

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Here are some of the most choice responses:

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This is probably not the response that McDaniel expected to receive on the RNC’s Twitter feed, with nary a positive comment on her post to be found.

It looks like America is determined to use the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the decisive Normandy invasion to honor the brave people it was meant to honor, not to bestow stolen glory on a man too cowardly to serve his country himself.

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Original reporting by David Moy at HuffPost.

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