August 18, 2022

A new bombshell book just revealed the way Trump celebrated John McCain’s cancer

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Michael Wolff, the author of Fire & Fury, the tell-all book which offered the American people a glimpse at the chaos and rot at the heart of the Trump administration, is back with another book that promises to pull the curtain back in humiliating fashion once again. Entitled Siege: Trump Under Fire, the book was released today and some of the excerpts emerging ensure another negative news cycle for our vile president.

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The Daily Mail reports that in one particularly crude anecdote in the book, Wolff alleges that Trump celebrated Senator John McCain’s brain tumor and that the cancer represented a sort of “personal validation” for Trump, whose public political sparring with the Arizona senator was well-documented. In particular, McCain’s vote against Trump’s ill-conceived Obamacare repeal earned the president’s enduring hatred.

“You see? You see what can happen?” Trump allegedly said before gleefully miming an exploding head after McCain announced his diagnosis.

Despite the perverse thrill he seems to have gleaned from the tragic disease, Wolff also reports that the president grew frustrated that the cancer didn’t kill McCain sooner and he complained when the senator “hung on” for over a year.

After the senator’s death, Trump refocused his ire on his daughter Meghan McCain, obsessing over her weight and referring to her as “donut” in private. The deep irony of Trump, a thoroughly out of shape man, mocking anyone’s weight is obvious and a reminder that he is both incredibly mean-spirited and ridiculously delusional.

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“When she hears my name she always looks like she’s going to cry. Like her father. Very, very tough family. Boo hoo, boo hoo,” Trump said of Meghan McCain, presumably referring to one of the numerous times she has criticized him and defended her father.

Trump’s cruel rhetoric is a disgrace. For all of Senator McCain’s flaws — and it must be noted that his voting record is a legitimate target for evenhanded criticism — he was a thousand times the man that Trump is. Regardless of what you thought of his politics, one could not doubt his patriotism or love of this country. President Trump on the other hand, clearly only loves himself. Americans mourned McCain’s passing. Very few will do the same for Trump.

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Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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