Trump just complained about the TV he has to watch in Britain in shameful Twitter outburst

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Oh, the travails of our poor, poor president!

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Forced to travel abroad, President Trump is suffering badly from his inability to watch his fawning cheerleaders live on Fox News while on his state visit to Great Britain, where the network is unavailable.

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Horror of horrors, the president is left with only British newscasts — where the strange accents, the dearth of coverage of American politics, and the presentation of actual facts must leave Trump cold — or the globally ubiquitous CNN International, the worldwide feed of the U.S. channel that he’s made a frequent target of his “Fake News” accusations.

Trump being Trump, he naturally decided to tweet his displeasure as he started going cold turkey from the withdrawal of the endorphin rush he gets from showers of praise slathered on him by the perky propaganda peddlers at Fox News.

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“Say something once, why say it again?” the fictional psycho killer in the Talking Heads song asks.

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It’s a question that should be directed at President Trump after he sent a second tweet attacking CNN and its new corporate parent, communications giant AT&T, a mere 13 minutes after his initial barrage against the news outlet.

The president’s call for a boycott of CNN’s owner is an unprecedented and inexplicable political attack on a U.S. corporation that not only violates the intent of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution with its attempts at government repression of free speech but demonstrates Trump’s ever-increasing embrace of the type of authoritarian tactics straight out of the fascist playbook.

Trump’s attempts to force AT&T to intervene in CNN’s programming policies through the persuasive pressure of a boycott also inadvertently draws attention to the issues raised by the massive consolidation of media and communications corporate ownership in the United States where the mobile phone networks may soon be divided among just three companies — if the federal government approves the planned merger of T-Mobile and Sprint — and where four major media conglomerates dominate the TV industry.

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With overseas travel temporarily bursting President Trump’s comfy media bubble, the president deals with the stress in the only way he knows how — by lashing out at his perceived enemies, those news outlets that refuse to parrot his lies and insist in maintaining the sort of journalistic integrity long abandoned by all but a few of the on-air talent at Fox News.

Perhaps the president’s closest advisors could let Trump in on a secret that will help him avoid the kind of negative news coverage that he so obviously abhors.

Stop saying, doing, and supporting stupid, evil things; abandon his cruel and racist ideologies; and cease acting like a spoiled entitled child and, poof, his public image as portrayed on news broadcasts will improve significantly.

The sad reality is that this type of behavior — seemingly a reasonable and rational request in any other administration — is beyond the realm of possibility with this president.

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