Jim Carrey just responded to Mueller’s press conference with a brutally frank new drawing


Jim Carrey responded quickly to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s press conference this morning, rapidly drafting one of the political cartoons that have become a frequent sideline for the noted actor and comedian.

Carrey felt an imperative to address Mueller’s reluctance to testify beyond the account of Russian election interference and presidential obstruction of his investigation that is contained in his report — a report which the public and Congress have only been able to view in the form redacted by President Trump’s hand-picked Attorney General, William Barr.

Given that Barr’s actions surrounding the Mueller report are already suspect due to his mischaracterization of Mueller’s conclusions and of the reasons for the special counsel’s failure to bring charges against Trump, Carrey feels strongly that the special counsel owes the American people more than just a partially suppressed written explanation of his findings. His tweet addressed Mueller directly with an urgent plea.

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In portraying Mueller as the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz — a point he emphasizes with the slogan “What makes the flag on the mast to wave…Courage” and a lion’s tail attached to the special counsel’s body — Carrey tries to shame Mueller into fulfilling what the politically-active comic artist sees as his duty: saving the free world from the dangerous and illegitimate regime of Donald Trump.

By making the association between the public’s lack of trust in news reports — after two solid years of President Trump screaming “Fake News” every time that some negative truth about him is published — and Mueller’s failure to indict the president, Carrey insists that the special counsel has a responsibility to testify publicly in front of Congress to erase the false interpretations of his report that the Trump administration has tried to peddle in a vain attempt to evade the facts that it contains.


Let’s hope that Robert Mueller sees Carrey’s plea and is convinced to alter his stance about further testimony beyond the words in his report.

With Mueller’s resignation from the Justice Department today, he will soon be a private citizen once again and can be subpoenaed by Congress if necessary. Perhaps Carrey’s appeal to the special counsel’s sense of duty will overcome his reticence to get involved in a partisan political fight that is also a  constitutional mandate.

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