February 2, 2023

Trump just responded to criticism of him insulting Biden while overseas in the worst way

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One of President Trump’s favorite tactics for covering up his gaffes — no matter how big or small they may be — is to simply deny that they happened or that they were a mistake at all.


The latest example comes, of course, in the form of a tweet sent by the president after he faced enormous blowback from the tweet he sent attacking former Vice President Joe “Bidan” as “a low IQ individual” while Trump was on a failed diplomatic trip to Japan.

Trump was blasted for not only breaking protocol by discussing domestic politics while on a foreign trip but for agreeing with a murderous autocrat over a fellow countryman. The irony of the president misspelling Biden while accusing his rival of intelligence deficits was not lost on anyone who wasn’t a Trump supporter in that IQ category themselves.

Trying to mitigate the criticism upon his return to the United States, Trump posted a new tweet on the subject today, trying to deny the intent of his initial tweet with a risible excuse that was actually a doubling down of his initial insult towards his most highly polling Democratic rival while attempting to portray himself as Biden’s defender in the face of even worse insults from North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

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To answer the president’s question: anyone with half a brain and a sense of decency — two things that the president so obviously lacks — would be and should be upset with a president who breaks all norms of presidential behavior and sides with an avowed enemy of the United States to attack a political rival, exactly the type of “collusion” that instigated the entire investigation into his relationship with Russia during his campaign against Hillary Clinton.

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Perhaps a better question would be: would people be happier to see you removed through the invocation of the 25th Amendment, through impeachment, or by a massive drubbing at the ballot box in 2020?

For many people, 2020 is way too far in the future to wait for, so either of the first two choices will suffice to get this national embarrassment over with as soon as possible.

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