February 2, 2023

Amy Klobuchar just revealed how John McCain disrespected Trump during his inauguration

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The late Senator John McCain (R-AZ) continues to haunt President Trump despite having passed away last August.


While Trump himself has referred pejoratively to Senator McCain several times in speeches and at rallies since the former Republican presidential candidate died in monumental gestures of disrespect, the latest case of the deceased war hero’s ability to screw with the president’s fragile mental state from the great beyond was instigated by one of McCain’s former congressional colleagues, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN).

According to an article at HuffPost, the Minnesota senator told a remarkably ironic story to a crowd of voters while on a campaign stop in Iowa stumping for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, regaling the audience with her experience while attending Trump’s inauguration.

Senator Klobuchar recounted how the Arizona Republican predicted a dystopian future under the Trump regime with his unique running commentary on the inaugural address as the incoming president was bloviating.

“I sat on that stage between Bernie and John McCain, and John McCain kept reciting to me names of dictators during that speech because he knew more than any of us what we were facing as a nation,” Klobuchar told HuffPost. “He understood it. He knew because he knew this man more than any of us did.”

McCain — one of Trump’s most persistent critics within his own party after the draft-dodging president denigrated McCain’s status as a veteran, P.O.W., and war hero who got captured— refused to endorse the reality TV show host during the 2106 election, singlehandedly derailed Trump’s and the GOP leadership’s attempts to repeal Obamacare, and derided the former bankruptcy king’s approach to politics as a “half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems.”

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As one of the few Republicans willing to try to work with the opposition party to actually solve problems, McCain’s recognition of Trump’s authoritarian tendencies was both prescient and a sign of how completely the rest of the GOP has surrendered the principles of democracy and fairness to become President Trump’s servile army of unquestioning defenders.

McCain’s vaunted brand of maverick politics may have made him an outlier in modern Republican circles, but as Klobuchar — one of the more moderate Democrats in the Senate — campaigns for a presidential bid, her invocation of her Republican colleague helps cement her reputation as a candidate who could potentially attract disaffected swing state Republicans who are disgusted by the clownish and juvenile antics of McCain’s chief antagonist in the White House.

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Hopefully, President Trump will wail and gnash his teeth when he hears this story before desecrating Senator McCain’s memory with an angry tweet. Meanwhile, McCain’s spirit is likely chuckling from beyond the grave at the thought of how much he can still get under his adversary’s orange skin, despite the president’s “stable genius”.

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Original reporting by Kevin Robillard at HuffPost.

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