March 30, 2023

Ted Lieu just sent a hilariously scathing letter to Trump’s attorney general after today’s denials

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Congressman Ted Lieu (R-CA) just called President Trump’s bluff.

After the president told the press in his unusually off the rails press conference this morning — after walking out of his scheduled infrastructure meeting with the two top Democratic congressional leaders — that he was “the most transparent president probably in the history of this country” and that he doesn’t “do cover-ups,” Congressman Ted Lieu made his put up or shut up move.

The House Judiciary Committee member sat down and wrote an absolutely perfect letter to Trump’s personal lawyer Attorney General William Barr that took the president literally as a man of his word. (Cue the muffled guffaws!)

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Representative Lieu’s request for an immediate appointment to view the same unredacted Mueller report that was offered to his Republican colleague on the Judiciary Committee, Doug Collins (R-GA), was a masterfully strategic move that put the White House and the Department of Justice on notice that congressional Democrats won’t back down in their investigatory efforts of the snowflake president and his administration despite Trump’s embarrassingly juvenile tantrums.

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So far there has been no word on whether Congressman Lieu has received a response from Attorney General Barr on his request, but chances are good that Lieu does not expect his quest to see the unredacted Mueller report be fulfilled quite that easily — especially given the paucity of people who’ve taken Trump at his word and not been disappointed.

Either way, the California congressman should be commended for his quick wit and for providing the best laugh of the evening so far.

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