Ocasio-Cortez just gave Alabama Republicans the epic scolding we’ve been waiting for over abortion law


As the state of Missouri joined Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama in passing draconian anti-abortion laws this afternoon, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) took to Twitter to hammer conservatives for their disgusting hypocrisy on the issue of coerced birth and their refusal to care for the children after they are born.

The beloved progressive struck back at the right-wing extremists and called them out for attempting to institute a right-wing theocracy in the United States, at least until the looming climate apocalypse that the GOP refuses to acknowledge exists inevitably ends human civilization as we know it:

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Very appropriately disparaging the increasingly unhinged and would-be authoritarian  President Trump as a “mad king,” AOC lamented how dishonest the right-wing has been with their obviously bad faith and disgustingly hypocritical efforts to force women into having babies against their will — including the horrifying products of rape and incest — and then working to ensure that they have the worst possible world in which to grow up in.

The Republican Party has dedicated itself to slashing all public service programs that would help the parents of these children, fought to preserve an inhumane for-profit healthcare system that would send the parents into debt just for having the child, fought to ensure that the child isn’t safe from being gunned down while they’re at school, and refused to do anything about the climate crisis which will render their future world unlivable.


None of their bad faith arguments or mewling crocodile tears for masses of cells should be taken seriously at all; they should be ignored and mocked for being complete lies and disgustingly hypocritical hoods that mask a dark and dangerous sociopolitical agenda that will send our country not back to the Dark Ages but to a whole different kind of hell that will take drastic measures to lift ourselves out of.


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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

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