Ilhan Omar just hilariously roasted Ted Cruz over his bizarre complaints about “space pirates”

Last night the odious Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took part in the new favorite pastime of conservatives: taking to Twitter to whine about his lack of social media success.

Republicans have become increasingly convinced or at least have decided to pretend they’re convinced that big social media companies are censoring them and hiding their content. The banal reality is that they receive less attention on websites like Twitter because users simply don’t like them or the bigotry they hawk. The irony of GOP members — who love to insult “liberal snowflakes” — falling to pieces over Twitter and Facebook engagement can’t be overstated.

Specifically, Cruz was upset that the Twitter “moment” feature showcased people mocking his absurd comments about the need for a Space Force to fight pirates in outer space but not the defense of his comments. Of course, this is not an example of Twitter targeting the senator, but rather the system choosing to show the more popular jokes. People rightfully found Cruz’s space piracy fearmongering funny, so humorous responses to it rose to the top.

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Unable to resist making light of Cruz’s ridiculous distress, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) joked that she might “know some pirates” who would be able to fix his Twitter problem, and referred to him as “Ted” rather than Senator Cruz. Omar, a Somali refugee, was clearly referencing the phenomenon of Somali pirates, which surged into broader cultural awareness with the popular film Captain Phillips.

Omar’s joke served as a revenge of sorts, after Cruz previously engaged in the conservative dogpile of her over her remarks about Israel. Perhaps next time he will think twice about taking on the young Congresswoman, as he is clearly outmatched by her wit.

Some of the other jokes aimed at Cruz from Twitter users were even harsher, revealing just how unpopular he really is.

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Natalie Dickinson

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