Trump just stunned a crowd of workers after slurring his way through a deeply weird speech

President Trump is nothing if not consistent.

Whether he is ranting on Twitter or delivering a “speech” — as his free-associating in front of a crowd is often referred to out of habit — Trump is consistently deranged, purposefully mendacious, and confidently spewing whatever misinformation suits his evil agenda.

It was no different today when the president addressed a crowd at Sempra Energy’s liquefied natural gas facility in Hackberry, Louisiana on a topic that he is as conversant in as he is in quantum physics — energy infrastructure.

Steve Herman, the White House Bureau Chief for Voice Of America, was on the scene and live-tweeted Trump’s remarks that demonstrated just how out of his depth the president is when discussing issues that matter so greatly to the environmental future of our increasingly devastated planet and how eager he is to sell out the health of the world’s inhabitants to help the energy industry continue to profit from the fossil fuels that are accelerating the destruction of the earth.

As the most science adverse president in history, Trump’s pronouncements about energy and the environment have about as much value as shares in one of Brokahontas’ bankrupt casinos.

The angry and befuddled grandpa yelling at kids on the front lawn persona emerges quickly when Trump inevitably strays from the topic at hand. Moving from liquefied natural gas and energy infrastructure to left-field comments on the press, Trump went on to portray our European allies as being in the same competitive category as his trade foes in China and mocked supporters of the Democratic Green New Deal proposals with a false equivalency that downplayed the health ramifications of the fossil fuel industry in favor of equating wind power with avian extinction.

Always in perpetual campaign mode, the president transformed his address into a partisan platform for attacking his potential Democratic rivals for the White House in 2020 in a series of petty attacks that betrayed his obsession with retaining office rather than face the indictments that will surely land in his lap the minute he leaves the protected confines of the executive branch.

While written descriptions of Trump’s rantings paint a devastating portrait of the president, you really need to see video of the speech to appreciate the full extent of the president’s inarticulate mental decline.

Luckily, Vox News’ Aaron Rupar was monitoring the airwaves to capture some of the lowlights of Trump’s demented monologue.

Had enough? So did apparently every major news network all of whom abandoned live coverage of the lengthy address after realizing that the entire event was simply a con game to garner free campaign airtime for Trump’s reelection.

Remember when we had presidents who were intelligent and articulate? Make sure you do everything to ensure that we return to that situation as soon as humanly possible. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the fate of humankind depends on it.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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