August 16, 2022

Trump just left reporters stunned with wild lies about Russia in Oval Office press conference

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Constrained by our nation’s democratic Constitution — so far at least — President Trump demonstrated his dictator envy in an Oval Office press appearance with the authoritarian strongman and fellow immigrant hater Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban this afternoon.


indeed, Orban, a staunch right-wing nationalist who rules his nation in what has been described as a “soft autocracy,” has accomplished in Hungary everything that Trump is attempting to do in America — implement a harsh anti-immigration policy in defiance of European Union pressure against the blatant Islamophobic and anti-Semitic nature of Orban’s fervor for the homogeneity of his white Christian country.

You could practically hear the jealousy in Trump’s voice as he praised an iron-fisted leader whom he would like to emulate were it not for this pesky Constitution that thus far has prevented the president from going too far down the path of dictatorial fiats, although not for any lack of trying on his part.

In addition to slathering on the flattery in his introduction of the autocratic Prime Minister, Trump repeated his admiration for the “illiberal democracy,” as Orban refers to his administration, that his Hungarian counterpart has created in the former Soviet satellite state. He also used the occasion to attack Democrats seeking to prevent him from making our own democracy equally “illiberal.”

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As disgusting as it is to hear Trump’s sycophantic and wistful hosannas to an extremist  right-wing European nationalist, the public is already somewhat inured to the president’s penchant to elevate the most dictatorial world leaders to the pedestal of his admiration, having seen Trump “fall in love” with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and dutifully serve the agenda of his puppet master Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Indeed, President Trump was asked about Russia by a reporter in the press scrum when he mentioned that he would meet both Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan at the end of June.

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His reply included his standard, easily discredited lie about being the person who has been the toughest on Russia ever, a claim immediately discounted by anyone paying the least bit of attention.

It isn’t the least bit surprising that President Trump is the first president to invite the nationalist ideologue to the White House after Orban was shunned by both Presidents Obama and G. W. Bush. Their confluent attitudes about racial purity and antipathy towards immigrants make their relationship a match made in, well, the netherworld.

Given their promotion of alienation and hatred, the netherworld is a location that they will most likely share in any afterlife they may find themselves in.

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Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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