August 16, 2022

Michael Cohen just got caught up in a prominent evangelical’s sex photo scandal

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Jailed former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen just leaked an audio recording of his involvement in quashing photos of a right-wing religious leader likely getting sexy with a pool boy.


Jerry Fallwell Jr. is the second-generation president of Liberty University, a private religious school with a bad reputation of disrespecting LGBTQ rights. His influential endorsement of Donald Trump right before the Iowa primary in 2016 helped seal the deal for his campaign.

It turns out that Falwell turned to Michael Cohen the year before he endorsed Trump, looking to suppress the circulation of sexy photos which would be anathema to his religious followers when his utter hypocrisy is finally revealed, and comedian Tom Arnold’s new tapes confirm it. Reuters reports:

The Falwells wanted to keep “a bunch of photographs, personal photographs” from becoming public, Cohen told Arnold. “I actually have one of the photos,” he said, without going into specifics. “It’s terrible.”

Cohen would later prove successful in another matter involving Falwell, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters. Cohen helped persuade Falwell to issue his endorsement of Trump’s presidential candidacy at a critical moment, they said: just before the Iowa caucuses. Falwell subsequently barnstormed with Trump and vouched for the candidate’s Christian virtues.

While there’s no evidence directly linking Cohen’s help to his surprising endorsement of Trump who is not in any way religious, their very personal contacts seem to have obviously made some difference.

In a phone call this past weekend Tom Arnold told the Washington Press he learned that President Trump had personally “freaked out” over their public photos together last June when he tweeted that, “he has all the tapes.”

It appears that Arnold wasn’t joking.

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The tape of Tom Arnold’s conversation with Cohen was recorded in March of this year. Arnold befriended Michael Cohen last year while producing the Viceland TV show “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes.”

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Michael Cohen feels deeply aggrieved at not only President Trump his longtime client and friend, for abandoning him after directing him to commit a crime, but he’s also royally pissed at the Republican Party. Apparently, his job there wasn’t just a title, but a real working gig according to ABC News:

Congressional Republicans later referred Cohen’s testimony to the Justice Department, citing what they said were several lies he told the committee, though the DOJ has yet to publicly indicate they’re pursuing additional charges. During his conversation with Arnold, Cohen lamented how Republicans turned on him after he turned on Trump.

“You would think that I had killed one of their grandchildren. I mean they were so tough, they were so angry, and they were so nasty,” said Cohen, who once served as the vice chair of the Republican National Committee, before recounting an altercation with one of the Republican committee members.

“I turned and said, ‘Do you mind if I say something here in my defense?'” Cohen said. “‘You didn’t think I was this bad of a guy when I was out there raising $140 million for the RNC as the vice chair, right?'”

However, the story about Cohen’s personal involvement with one of the religious right’s biggest leaders (some of whom are personal friends of Rusian President Vladimir Putin) who is a key component of Trump’s path to victory in 2016. It all began to unravel less than a year after that fateful election.

Politico first revealed Fallwell Jr.’s unusual investment into a South Beach youth hostel and party place back in August 2017.

Then, a year ago Buzzfeed used court records to prove that the Evangelical opponent of gay rights was locked in a business lawsuit over the hostel venture with Giancarlo Granda, a former pool attendant at Miami Beach’s Fountainbleau Resort, which is where they met.

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Jerry Falwell Jr. ultimately lent $1.8 million to his pool boy’s real estate deal. The word that the entire sordid affair might’ve somehow led to his endorsement of Trump leaked out late last year.

Donald Trump is one of the most amoral people on the planet and not only is he not religious, but he is the exact opposite of the values that evangelical Christians (obviously falsely) claim to cherish.

Two days ago, Trump retweeted Falwell Jr.’s disgusting suggestion that he gets two more years on his term for sparking one of the largest foreign counterintelligence investigations in American history and a criminal investigation that convicted many of his closest advisors.

Now, you know why the two immoral Republican leaders made strange bedfellows with each other because the Trump crime family helped the preacher hide his sanctimonious lies.

Today’s news definitively proves that Jerry Fallwell Jr.’s vast flock of religious Americans have not only been misled because of his own false virtue but to hide from them his lies about engaging in the very deeds that he constantly advocates against.

Grant Stern

Editor at Large

is the Executive Editor of Occupy Democrats and published author. His new Meet the Candidates 2020 book series is distributed by Simon and Schuster. He's also a mortgage broker, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida., as well as the producer of the Dworkin Report podcast. Grant is also an occasional contributor to Raw Story, Alternet, and the DC Report, an unpaid senior advisor to the Democratic Coalition, and a Director of Sunshine Agenda Inc. a government transparency nonprofit organization.

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