August 15, 2022

Trump just snapped at a reporter for asking a question about his phone call with Putin

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The president spoke to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin today, reminding us all of his disgusting fondness for homicidal strongmen in the process. Trump took to Twitter to brag about his “long and very good conversation” with the man who attacked our 2016 election and who is still actively working to destroy our democracy.


Once again, Trump referred to the Mueller investigation as a “Witch Hunt” even though in reality it led to numerous indictments and the convictions of several of his close associates and turned up ten different occasions on which it’s possible Trump obstructed justice. If it was a witch hunt, it certainly uncovered a lot of actual witches.

While our narcissist-in-chief is focused only on spinning the damning Mueller report as a win for his corrupt administration, the 448-pages also details Putin’s full-scale assault on America through deception, social media manipulation, and back channels. Trump’s refusal to discuss these matters in his conversation is tantamount to a wink and a nod of approval to continue the attack on America — as close to an act of treason as this country has ever seen from its chief executive.

Trump went on to claim that it’s a “good thing” for the U.S. to be “getting along” with Russia and China. In a perfect world that would be a nice little sentiment, but there is no way to truly “get along” with Russia until it admits that it has and continues to undermine western democracies, ceases such illiberal actions, and radically reconstitutes the way it conducts foreign policy. Putin hates the United States and Trump is either a willing ally of his authoritarian, antidemocratic agenda or a useful fool. Either eventuality makes him unfit to hold the Oval Office.

Ending with a rundown of the topics covered in his talk with Putin, Trump mentioned “Trade, Venezuela, Ukraine, North Korea, Nuclear Arms Control and even the ‘Russian Hoax.'” He didn’t elaborate what exactly was said about the subjects, but since the United States and the Russian Federation have diametrically opposed interests and goals on most of them, it seems safe to presume that Trump just nodded along and agreed as Putin pushed the Russian agenda.

Tellingly, President Trump failed to bring up election interference with the Russian president, even though Russia intends to repeat their efforts in 2020. Of course, Trump himself has a vested interest in turning a blind eye, since Putin wants a weak-willed, incompetent and ignorant man in the White House and will do everything he can to get our game show leader reelected.

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The American president continues to sell out America for his own gain, and the case for immediate impeachment grows stronger.

When Trump was asked about his call by reporters in the Oval Office, he quickly lost his cool and called a reporter “very rude” for asking him if he confronted Putin about Russian plans to interfere in the 2020 election. The way in which he responded so quickly and bitterly doesn’t bode well for his innocence, and his admission that he didn’t discuss interference with the Russian president is more proof that he lacks the spine to lead this country.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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