August 15, 2022

Warren just dunked on Chase Bank after they mocked their customers for being broke

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The presidential candidate with the most detailed progressive policy proposals in the field to date lived up to her reputation as a tireless fighter for consumer interests with a surprisingly funny and acerbic parody of a marketing tweet from JP Morgan Chase Bank.


Even before Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) became an elected official, she used her status as a law school professor and bankruptcy law expert to help convince the Obama administration to establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau protecting ordinary Americans from predatory lending practices after the Republican-led financial crisis of 2008.

Although she never led the agency that she helped design and create due to opposition from Republican senators who were concerned that she would be overly zealous in policing the financial industry, Warren has continued to make consumer protection one of the highest priorities of her presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration has done everything it can to declaw the powers of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under former acting director Mick Mulvaney who proposed slashing the agency’s budget and curtailing its enforcement activities.

Senator Warren’s attention was caught by a tweet from Chase in the form of a fictional conversation between one of their customers and their Chase bank account.

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Like many people who saw the bank’s misguided attempt at guilting its customers over their expenditures, Senator Warren saw the tweet as a slap in the face of consumers whose tax dollars helped bail out the vast majority of Wall Street institutions after the 2008 crash, while so many of them lost homes to foreclosure.

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The inspiring presidential contender composed a tweet that explained to the clueless bank why its customers are not saving more of their salaries and mirrored the format of Chase’s own #MondayMotivation tweet with some crucial differences in its content.

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Senator Warren’s sarcasm drips off the screen in her reply to Chase’s hubris-filled financial advice, so much so that Chase quickly deleted its original tweet.

Although Warren still lags in the polls, her exceptionally strong and passionate performance at televised town halls and at the “She The People” presidential forum for women of color in the few past weeks have many Democrats revising their view of the Senator as lacking the charisma needed to win the Democratic nomination.

As the candidate with the most detailed set of plans for accomplishing progressive goals including affordable education, addressing climate change, and attacking income inequality, Warren deserves much more attention and careful consideration as the potential leader of the Democratic pack than she has received to date.

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