Trump just launched an unprecedented and dangerous attack on his NY state investigators


Now that Robert Mueller’s redacted report has been released, and the Special Counsel has completed his investigation, President Trump is turning a portion of his Twitter fusillades in another direction that could be even more threatening to his presidency than even the accounts of obstruction that the report clearly indicates.

With Mueller having handed off the portions of his investigation that were outside of his narrowly defined scope to other prosecutors in local jurisdictions, the focus has turned to New York where both federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York and the state Attorney General’s office are looking into various aspects of Trump’s businesses.

While the SDNY investigation presents Trump with the danger of possible indictment for — among other things — felony campaign finance law violations in connection to his hush money payoffs to his former adult entertainer mistresses, the division of the Justice Department is still nominally under the control of the president’s servile Attorney General William Barr, so the president may still be able to quash the worst fallout from their probe as Barr did with the Mueller report.

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However, the New York State Attorney General’s probe — led by the recently elected AG Letitia James, who has said that she would “use every area of the law to investigate President Trump and his business transactions and that of his family” — poses the prospect of an investigation that Trump has no control over nor may be bound by federal Justice Department policies against the indictment of a sitting president.

Naturally, this makes Trump’s home state and its Attorney General an attractive target for the president.

Shortly after making an appearance at a fractious NRA convention, the president used that organization’s fight against New York’s efforts to investigate the gun lobby’s suspect finances as an excuse to attack Governor Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General James.


With the cash-strapped NRA accused of possible money laundering of foreign donations to the Trump campaign and in the midst of an internal power struggle over the millions spent on its political propaganda machine, it is a convenient proxy for Trump to use in his larger battle with New York State.

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The president’s tweets, however, clearly demonstrate yet again his contempt for the rule of law with their false allegations that the state’s legitimate investigations are somehow illegal and his histrionic accusations of oppression.

Trump references to SALT — state and local taxes that can no longer be fully deducted from federal income taxes after the Republican tax billionaire tax giveaway, harming taxpayers in high tax states like New York and California — rub into the wounds in New Yorkers’ faces with intimations that their politicians didn’t fight hard enough to oppose these deliberately retributive provisions in the tax law.

Trump’s strategic decision to go after New York serves a double purpose: to attack the state where he has the most to lose in ongoing investigations and to salvage the fate of one of his most consistent sources of campaign finance cash — the right-wing NRA hate machine that has morphed from a gun rights and sportsman association into a full-on Republican marketing arm and attack dog.


With the Trump presidency still threatened on multiple fronts, it’s no wonder that the frequency of his tweets and the desperation in their tone are ever increasing.

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