March 22, 2023

Trump just made an unprecedented Supreme Court threat in response to impeachment rumors

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Despite President Trump’s insistence that the Mueller Report totally exonerates him, he has been in full meltdown mode since it was released in its partially redacted form. No matter how much his team tries to spin it, the investigation discovered numerous occasions when Trump attempted to obstruct justice and overall makes an incredibly compelling case for immediate impeachment.

This morning, Trump once again demonstrated that the Mueller Report is dominating his thoughts. He repeated one of his favorite lies, claiming that it was written by “Angry Democrats.” Of course, Mueller is actually a lifelong Republican and he was appointed by another Republican.

The president complained that Mueller was given “unlimited money” and claimed that the probe cost $35,000,000. Previously Trump claimed that it cost $30,000,000. Clearly, he has decided that further inflating the number will help him gin up a little more outrage from his clueless followers. In reality, Mueller’s investigation might actually end up making money, due to the tens of millions of dollars in assets seized from convicted crooks like Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Trump insisted he was innocent, writing “I DID NOTHING WRONG” in all caps, which hardly comes across as a convincing defense from an innocent man.

He then moved on to the main thrust of his tweet, by stating that he will take the issue to the Supreme Court if Democrats try to impeach him. President Trump has successfully placed two conservatives on the court, including the credibly accused sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump seems to think that the Republica-dominated court will save him if it comes down to impeachment proceedings. The blatant corruption implied by his tweet, that is to say, that conservative Justices would overlook crimes and hold the party line shows how little this man actually cares about the law or our democratic institutions.

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Trump went on to claim that he committed no crimes, before once again projecting his own wrongdoing onto Hillary Clinton, the entire Democratic Party and so-called “Dirty Cops” which can only be a reference to Mueller and his team, who have proven to be nothing other than honorable and law-abiding throughout this entire process.

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Unfortunately for Trump, there doesn’t seem to be anything the Supreme Court can do to help him. Daniel Dale of The Toronto Star points out that the court doesn’t hear arguments about impeachment. In other words, it doesn’t matter how many right-wing psychopaths he packs into the court, it can’t save him now.

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Other Twitter users were quick to swarm the president:

Natalie Dickinson

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