March 21, 2023

Trump just lied to the nation TWICE in one morning with a breathtaking show of delusion

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It’s spit-take funny.

President Trump — on a Twitter bender unlike any other in the aftermath of the release of even the redacted Mueller report — made a boast in one of his latest tweets that had coffee spewing forth through the noses of readers across the country this morning when they read it.

It completely eluded Trump’s addled brain that the American public might find his claim of being the most transparent president in history somewhat hard to swallow while he is using his Justice  Department to fight against releasing his tax returns to Congress, preventing current and former White House staff from testifying before congressional committees, and pumping out daily blasts of clearly false protestations of his innocence.

The only way that President Trump’s claim of transparency could be considered the least bit accurate would be in the context of a statement like: “he is the most transparently corrupt and dishonest president in modern history.”

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Trump’s dishonesty was on full display in this pair of tweets — from the denial of the obstruction clearly documented in the Mueller report to the lie about Congress having no time to legislate because of their attention to their other constitutionally-mandated duty of oversight.

In truth, despite House Democrats needing to catch up on investigating the Trump administration’s misdeeds after two years of the dereliction of that duty by a Republican-led chamber, they have managed to pass multiple bills that have been promptly blocked from even being considered by the Senate by the uber-partisan Majority Leader of that deliberative body, Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

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After repeating his frequent childish retort of “it’s not me who’s guilty, it’s YOU!”, Trump ends his malodorous missive with one last chortle-inducing cry: “WE WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP!” — a particularly ironic claim the day after the Interior Department’s inspector general commenced an investigation of six high-level agency officials for allegedly violating federal ethics rules by interacting with former employers or clients while working on official business, an investigation that comes just days after the initiation of a probe into conflict of interests by newly-confirmed Interior Department Secretary David Bernhardt.

Entertaining the public with his inadvertent comedy routines on Twitter wasn’t enough for the president this morning. He also felt the need to get live feedback for his material, so he trotted it out for White House reporters this morning as well where it fell as flat as it did on social media.

We look forward to an era where the president has plenty of free time to practice his routine and hone his material into a more palatable act from within the confines of his cell after his conviction. That and that alone will pull the plug from the swamp and begin the draining.

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