Trump just gave a weird, slurring speech about “hot cops” and Melania’s dresses at opioid summit


Consider this article a fan letter to Aaron Rupar, the indefatigable Vox reporter who religiously parses President Trump’s public appearances and posts the lowlights on his Twitter feed.

Rupar managed to sit through Trump’s speech at the Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit presented by the National Institute On Drug Abuse in Atlanta today — an address that meandered into how hot cops have become and the dress Melania Trump wore the day he announced his candidacy. The speech was so perplexing (if typical for this president) that the Vox journalist could only refer to it as “bizarro-world speech.”

Let us join Rupar in watching the video excerpts from the speech and enjoy his entertaining commentary as we go…

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It’s completely telling that Trump values his opinion over facts and statistics, proving that our nation is being led by someone who lives in the fantasyland of his own imagination rather than in verified reality.

It didn’t take Trump long to stray from the announced topic of his remarks into self-aggrandizing praise for his own presidency.


This is perhaps the most unintentionally sincere part of Trump’s speech since the threat of a long prison sentence is undoubtedly weighing heavily on his mind in the wake of the release of the redacted Mueller report.

Of course, it just wouldn’t be a Trump speech without a rant against immigration.

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Trump’s sudden affection for dogs is surprising for the first petless president to inhabit the White House since Chester Arthur’s term ended in 1885. Moreover, at least President Arthur kept horses.

Even in discussing a bipartisan issue like ending the opioid crisis, Trump couldn’t forgo an obligatory attack on his Democratic opposition.


The president put aside his usual animosity towards the press by conveniently pointing out the proper quote for journalists to use in their reports on the event — one that exposed his own paranoid persecution complex.

Trump went on to fetishize the police, telling the crowd how hot cops have become during his reign. “I don’t know if you know it, but over the last two and a half years, law enforcement has become hot,” he said, eerily reminiscent of the Access Hollywood tape where Trump can be heard bragging about his tendency to grab the genitals of women he considers hot. “They were having a little problem, right? But they’re hot.”

Thanks to Aaron Rupar for his collation of clips from Trump’s drug abuse summit speech and his insightful comments. The more fodder we get for the invocation of the 25th Amendment, the better.

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