Tea Partier Joe Walsh just torched cowardly Republican silence after “damning” Mueller Report


After the reassuring — and purposefully misleading — summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was supplanted by the actual details of the redacted report itself, some prominent Republicans are condemning the cowardice of their fellow party members for putting their own re-election concerns over the good of the country as a whole after the full evidence of President Trump’s obstruction is available for all to see.

Former Republican congressman Joe Walsh — now a conservative radio talk show host — has long been vocal in his disgust at the lack of character exhibited by Trump.

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Unlike many of his GOP former colleagues Walsh sees no way to come up with “alternative facts” to massage the crucial takeaways from Mueller’s two-year probe.

Walsh reiterated his feelings about Trump and his GOP bootlickers in an appearance on CNN today where he was asked by host Brooke Baldwin why some Republican legislators have been quiet in the wake of the shocking revelations.


“It’s an incredibly damning portrait of President Trump. He knew Russia interfered, he welcomed and encouraged that interference, he lied, he encouraged everybody who worked for him to lie, and then he blocked the investigation,” Walsh responded. “And I’ll tell you, Brooke, every Republican on Capitol Hill agrees with what I just said. They can’t say that publicly.”

“It’s politics. The Republicans in the Senate and the House, my former colleagues, they’re afraid to speak up, they want to get reelected,” he explained. “That’s all they care about.”

Walsh also wondered why his Republican representatives are being let off so easily by the public — and by Democrats — for not reacting to Trump’s obstructive and unpresidential behavior with the outrage it deserves.

“It’s weird that the Democrats in the House, they’re in the tough position, they have to decide what to do with this,” Walsh said. “Nobody is asking the Republicans to do the decent thing and join the Democrats in going after this really unethical behavior.”

Consider this a formal request to Republicans: join the Democrats in going after this really unethical behavior! #ImpeachDonald Trump

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Original reporting by Brendan Skwire at RawStory.

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