February 2, 2023

A Scalia Law School Republican professor just stunned his party with Trump-Mueller declaration

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As Democrats dither over whether they should take the political risk of beginning impeachment proceedings against President Trump, even life-long Republicans are reading the Mueller report and deciding that impeachment is the only reasonable option.


J.W. Verret, a professor at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School and a registered Republican his entire adult life, saw the Special Counsel’s findings and took to Twitter to reluctantly express his belief that the president must be removed from office.

Professor Verret also corrected the president after Trump’s tweet this morning claiming a completely unsupported legal theory that he falsely believes would prevent Congress from impeaching him.

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While most Democrats would argue against Verret’s opinion about the suitability of Vice-President Mike Pence to take over the presidency once Trump is removed — since he remained an ardent defender of the president while also being a silent witness to his obstruction — they surely welcome the acknowledgment from a conservative law professor that the Mueller report presents sufficient evidence of criminality to impeach Trump.

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How many more Republicans need to speak out before the Democratic leadership is willing to ignore any potential political risks and begin impeachment proceedings based purely on moral and legal considerations rather than re-election calculus? Progressive voters would be more than happy to collate and forward any outraged statements by members of the GOP advocating impeachment to anyone who wants to see them.

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Original reporting by Eric W. Dolan at RawStory.

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