Trump just made himself the savior in self-obsessed Easter tweet


Easter Sunday — a symbol of resurrection and the renewal of spring as flowering plants bloom and the days grow longer.

Perhaps thoughts such as these crossed President Trump’s mind as he sat in his Mar-a-Lago suite contemplating his Easter message to the nation.

With Easter one of the most important religious holidays in the Christian liturgical calendar — one that coincides with the sacred Jewish holy days of Passover — one would imagine that a presidential Easter message might contain a religious reference.

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For a president considered by many people to be a textbook example of a malignant narcissist, however, it was unsurprising to see Donald Trump tweet an Easter greeting to America that was essentially all about himself — a self-serving pat on the back for his supposed successes that functioned as part of the bombardment of his messaging offensive after the revelations of the Mueller report confirmed his frequent attempts to derail the investigation into his campaign and administration.

After the obligatory holiday greeting, Trump immediately launches into discussing his own happiness while bragging about the economy in an implicit re-election campaign message.


That the economic performance of the country has survived his trade wars, tariffs, and the disastrous Republican tax giveaway for billionaires that resulted in a record increase in the deficit is a tribute to the strength of the economy that Trump inherited from his predecessor Barrack Obama who rescued the country from the last GOP-initiated economic meltdown of the G. W. Bush presidency.

Trump’s braggadocio could have been leavened by some sort of appropriate seasonal inspirational Easter message, but the best that the president could muster was the type of greeting you’d get from a cashier at one of the rapidly disappearing brick and mortar retailers after checking out.

It’s fascinating to observe the fawning displayed by Trump’s evangelical base towards a man who is so blatantly irreligious — subtly trying to posit himself as the savior of his people while ignoring the message of redemption inherent in the Easter celebration.

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Trump’s manipulative messaging is the opposite of Christ’s message of love. It’s no wonder that the president avoids any reference to the meaning of Easter, since his daily attacks on immigrants and his general lack of compassion completely contradict the spirit of the holiday.

With apologies to Patti Smith, Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not his.

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