Trump just unloaded a foul-mouthed attack on the Mueller Report after stewing on it for a day


President Trump is now on day two of bitterly complaining about a report which he and his team insist completely exonerates him of wrongdoing. The truth is, of course, far less convenient for the administration than that.

Trump’s handpicked Attorney General William Barr released Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election with parts of it heavily redacted. Even with large swathes hidden, it still contained deeply damaging information about the president, including ten instances where Mueller probed whether or not Trump attempted to obstruct justice. The fact that Barr declined to pursue obstruction charges against the president says more about his own personal loyalties than it does Trump’s crimes.

Trump is clearly displeased with the way the media is covering the report and its disastrous implications for his presidency. Today, he took to Twitter to complain about statements made by “certain people” in the “Crazy Mueller Report.” It’s unclear which statements he’s referring to and whether he means Special Counsel Robert Mueller is “crazy” or just his report.

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The president went on to claim that the report was written by “18 Angry Democrat Trump Haters.” Robert Mueller is a lifelong Republican appointed to his role by other Republicans. The nickname itself is a bizarre and inane reference to the classic film “12 Angry Men” and yet another reminder that the president is a man who struggled to string together cogent thoughts.

In his tweets, Trump advised his followers to “watch out” for people who take “so-called ‘notes’ when the notes never existed until needed.” Presumably, he is referring to the hilarious bit of the Mueller report that reveals Trump was surprised to see his then-White House Counsel Don McGahn taking notes on a meeting about Mueller. When asked why McGahn was taking notes when none of Trump’s previous lawyers ever did, McGahn replied that he was a “real lawyer.”

President Trump then proceeded to call some of the statements in the report “total bullshit” engineered to make others look good or make him look bad. Given his incredible habit of lying about just about everything, Trump calling anything said by someone else “bullshit” is less than convincing.


The tweet ended by falsely stating that Mueller’s investigation was an “Illegally Started Hoax.” In reality, the probe was created and conducted completely within the standards of the law, and the mountain of damning information contained in the final report proves once and for all that it was no hoax. There’s an ellipsis at the end of the last tweet, but hours later he still hasn’t finished his thought. But he isn’t exactly known for his attention span, is he?

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Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.