April 1, 2023

Sally Yates just honored Mueller and infuriated Trump with powerful Time Magazine profile

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On the eve of the day when the American people will finally get their first look at the actual Mueller report — in a redacted form at least — former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates paid tribute to the man behind the two-year inquiry that preceded the report by authoring the biography of her former Justice Department colleague for Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People of 2019.

Yates – who was a pivotal figure in the events that led to the appointment of the Special Counsel after her warning to the Trump administration that their newly installed National Security director could be compromised by Russian intelligence — celebrated her tribute to the stoic and determined public servant by tweeting it out for her numerous Twitter followers to see,

The brief biography of Mueller that Yates composed paints a portrait of an indefatigable man with an immense sense of public duty. Praising the values that drive the Special Counsel — honor, integrity, humility, and service — Yates sums up the essence of the former FBI Director with one simple, but perfectly evocative, description.

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He is the inverse image of the man he would ultimately come to investigate,” the former Deputy Attorney General writes.

Yates praises Mueller for his ability to ignore the distractions around him and focus on the task at hand.

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“Taking daily incoming fire, he neither flinched nor retaliated. He just did his job. For Mueller, it’s always about the work, and never about him,” she explains.

Mueller’s ability to maintain his humble and enigmatic silence during the leak-free investigation he oversaw also gains Yates’ praise.

“Abhorring self-promotion, while the country held its collective breath during his nearly two-year investigation, Mueller uttered not a single public word. And when he finished, he called it as he saw it. He did his duty,” Yates concludes.

So much more about Mueller and the probe he supervised will be revealed tomorrow when current Attorney General William Barr releases the redacted version of the Special Counsel’s report.

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While we may learn as much — if not more — from what isn’t included in the visible portions of what is made public tomorrow, Yates depiction of the man who kept his head down and unwaveringly dedicated himself to unraveling the tangled web of interlocking evidence uncovered to date will remain as valid as it is today.

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