April 1, 2023

A Guardian columnist just mocked Ivanka by giving her the most brutal nickname in a new Op-Ed

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The entire Trump family has made a mockery of our democracy. When our conman president swept into office, he brought his vile children along for the ride, inserting some into unearned positions of great power or influence and using others to spread his inane reelection campaign rhetoric. None of them seem particularly bright, and all of them are deeply vicious and selfish creatures, just like their despicable father.

Ivanka Trump was originally touted as some kind of moderating influence in her father’s White House, but the past two years have completely shredded that myth, revealing her to be nothing more than just another rank opportunist with no interest in promoting the general welfare or the rights of women she so dishonestly purports to care about.

Now, a columnist for The Guardian has penned a brutal piece, entitled “Hypocrisy without borders: the pomposity of Ivanka Trump’s trip to Africa” in which she lays into Ivanka and names her the “patron saint of nepotists, hypocrites, and grifters.”

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The writer, Arwa Mahdawi, takes aim at Ivanka’s recent trip to Africa, which was disingenuously billed as an effort to boost women’s rights. The irony of Ivanka pretending to be an advocate for women while continuing to support a president who has been accused by numerous women of sexual assault and rape, and who regularly engages in misogynistic language was not lost on Mahdawi.

“We don’t deserve Saint Ivanka, we really don’t. Nobody asked Donald Trump’s favorite child to devote her life to empowering women, she just knew it had to be done,” the article opens with dripping sarcasm. Mahdawi moves on to take jabs at the fact that Ivanka wasn’t elected but is somehow still traveling the world representing the country.

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“Who knows how many Ethiopian women she has empowered already. I am sure she has taught Sahle-Work Zewde, a respected career diplomat and Ethiopia’s first female president, a thing or two,” Mahdawi mocks.

The piece points out a key similarity between Donald Trump and Ivanka, which seems to support the sentiment held by some that she is the most like her father:

“Ivanka’s superpower, inherited from her father, is that she believes her own spin. She seems genuinely to see herself as a champion of women – despite the fact that she has remained silent as her father has systematically attacked women’s rights.”

Mahdawi continues on and attacks Ivanka’s failure to stand up for women’s reproductive rights while her father works his hardest to limit safe abortion access. “You can’t separate women’s economic empowerment from women’s reproductive rights,” she writes. According to the writer, the First Daughter seems far more interested in retweeting “cute videos” of herself sipping Ethiopian coffee.

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Read the full piece here.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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