September 23, 2023

Trump just squashed his own “national emergency” lie with his lazy Sunday tweets

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Trump — on a rare weekend not spent on the course himself — watches golf on TV.

The upside for the American public in President Trump’s dereliction of his duties under his self-declared “national emergency” is that rather than an afternoon filled with infuriatingly offensive and ignorant tweets of political revenge and damage-controlling denials of reality, we got treated to Trump’s live tweeting of the Master’s Tournament and golfer Tiger Woods’ comeback victory.

After all, who needs a program guide for your TV service when the president himself is providing you with handy programming updates and color commentary, a task that seemingly is still within the mental capacity of Trump’s questionable cognitive abilities at this point.

CBS, the broadcaster of the Masters Tournament, likely appreciated the unpaid endorsement from the president — although without access to Trump’s tax returns, the public won’t be able to confirm that the president really wasn’t getting paid for his tune-in message.

Trump dabbled in play by play commentary on the final hole of the game, oversharing the details of his afternoon like a millennial separated from their friends for too long.

Once Tiger Woods clinched the championship, the president sent not one but two separate congratulatory tweets.

President Trump displayed his jealousy of Tiger Woods’ grace under tremendous pressure with his last tweet on the matter. It is a quality that Trump himself sorely lacks.

The president likely hopes to stage an equally spectacular comeback from the disastrous first two years of his seemingly interminable time in office. After all, he and Tiger Woods have so much in common, particularly in terms of a lack of marital fidelity. Hopefully, Trump will add an arrest record to their commonalities in the near future.

Rest assured America, there’s hardly any chance that one or more of our nation’s enemies are taking note of when our president is fully distracted from his official duties to time any potential attacks on our country. They don’t need expensive intelligence operations to determine when that might be. Trump will simply tell them —along with everyone else in the world— what he’s up to on his Twitter account.

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