August 10, 2022

Trump just accused the NY Times of “fake news” — then proved them right 20 minutes later

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They say that exercise helps prevent cognitive decline, but a day of anaerobically lounging in the golf cart had little noticeable effect on President Trump today as he returned after his day of leisure to display the faulty nature of his reasoning power in a series of late afternoon tweets.


Beginning with an attack on The New York Times for exposing his plan to express his revenge against the many declared “sanctuary cities” — those local governments opposed to his cruel and draconian immigration policies — by sending released asylum-seeking immigrants to only those cities, Trump found himself proving the lies of his accusations against the newspaper just minutes later in a subsequent tweet.

Surprisingly, President Trump forgot to also deny collusion, obstruction, and treason in this last tweet disavowing the reality that everyone around him —who lack his habitual self-pardoning filter — sees.  Any witnesses to his reported actions are the liars, not him.

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While it is truly amazing that the “president who cried wolf” still thinks that anyone outside of the Fox News brainwashing machine still believes a word he says, Trump’s denial of The New York Times‘ report on his vengeful schemes was made even more ludicrous by the fact that just moments later he made the exact same threat in a tweet that he had earlier refused to acknowledge making in private conversations.

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It’s difficult to determine which is the stronger sign of Trump’s deteriorating mental capacities: his wildly contradictory statements, his inability to recall what he said minutes earlier, or his demanding emotional outbursts.

Perhaps the only sign of any remaining sanity in this mental captive of Hannity is the indication that he still acknowledges that laws exist and that sanctuary cities and immigrants at least, if not he himself,  are subject to it.

Republicans may soon rue the day that they decided not to try to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to rid the nation of the unstable “genius” that they’ve let run wild in the White House rather than be taken away in a straightjacket by the nice young men in their clean white coats to the home for old and demented white nationalists. How much more proof do they really need at this point?

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Vinnie Longobardo

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