August 10, 2022

Ilhan Omar just stunned Trump with fiery, patriotic response to his racist 9/11 attacks

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A day after the unprecedented political attack by President Trump on Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) through the use of a manipulatively edited viral video, the Somali-born Muslim congresswoman replied with an extensive twitter thread addressing her status as the target of a concerted effort by the president and his Republican co-conspirators to tarnish her image and stoke hatred against Muslim-Americans using the same dual loyalty tactics that are the basis of much anti-Semitic propaganda.


Congresswoman Omar began her thread with the idea that the Trump administration represents a full-blown assault on the very principles that our nation is based upon.

After providing a stinging indictment of the Trump administration’s moral failings, the Minnesota representative reasserted her sense of mission in the fight to right the multitude of wrongs that the president’s inauguration launched and vowed to be resolute in her fight, undeterred by Trump’s personal attacks.

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The president’s unhinged rhetoric of hatred towards anyone who doesn’t fit into his cookie-cutter view of America as belonging to rapacious wealthy white men of privilege is creating a real danger that Congresswoman Omar could become the target of violence from one of his many unhinged followers — like the Trump supporters who mailed pipe bombs to prominent Democrats and media opponents and who slaughtered people in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

In a different era, such hate speech would be universally condemned, but in the Trump era, Republicans step over each other to echo the president’s partisan message of intolerance and enmity.

Nevertheless, Congresswoman Omar has persisted. She concluded her Twitter thread with an expression of gratitude towards the majority of Amercans who share her vision of an America where the decks are not stacked against all but its most wealthy citizens.

It’s difficult to see how anyone could argue against an aim like Representative Omar’s.

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