Trump just tried to accuse Democrats of treason in ridiculous late-night tweet


In a ridiculous late-night outburst, President Trump accused the Democratic Party of committing “treason” with what “they are doing with the border,” accusing them of having an “open border mindset” and promised his fans that he would not let “this” happen.

What the Democrats are doing at the border and what might happen is unclear. The refusal to grant him the money to build a border wall that will do little to stop immigration into the United States and will end up being nothing but an enormous and irresponsible waste of time is nothing but an act of pragmatism not unlike a parent telling a child that they aren’t allowed to jam forks into electric socket.

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Trump, being the toddler both in this metaphor and in the presidency, has refused to take “no” for an answer and has been working for years now to convince the nation that the Democrats are attempting to install an open-border policy — which, for the record, would not be the end of the world — when in reality they are simply refusing to give in to the irrational demands of an overgrown and incredibly spoiled child for the betterment of our country.

The president has made it clear that appalling cruelty and spiteful abuse against immigrants is a primary feature of his policy at the border, and so any opposition to him is inherently noble and correct.

Also, someone’s clearly got “treason” on the mind…


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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

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