October 1, 2022

Trump just held a Texas press conference so weird even Fox News cut away from it

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Did Fox News try to protect President Trump by cutting away from the most flagrant examples of his mental deterioration during a live broadcast of his press conference in San Antonio, Texas today? Or are they just getting too embarrassed by his behavior to want to include it on their airwaves?


The right-wing cable political propaganda outlet abruptly switched away from the president’s live remarks after his speech ventured into an incoherent jumble of words vaguely related to fences and trucks, according to an account by RawStory.

Sounding remarkably like a drunken grandfather at the holiday dinner table rambling on angrily about subjects that have lodged deep inside his addled brain, Trump confounded listeners with a disjointed narrative that took wild leaps of continuity to attempt to follow.

Here’s a sample of his rant:

“If we had the wall, the good people will not be able — you’ll see them on the other side of the wall,” said Trump. “Number one, they won’t come, because they’ll say there’s no way of getting through. Right now they think there’s a way to get through. And the people back home never hear about that, they start to walk. They tell them Houston’s half a mile away, but it’s 300 miles. It’s desert.”

It’s good to know how conversant the president is in the street gossip of the Central American towns that refugees are fleeing, but one has to wonder who the mysterious “they” that he refers to might be, since “they” seem to be “good people” on the other side of a non-existent wall, as well as people back home about to start walking and people telling others the distance to Houston, all at the same time.

Trump also seemed to have trouble grasping distances in the vast Texan territory.

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“This is a vast state, it’s a vast area. You look at it, the state’s tremendous,” Trump said. “I come from New York. You have Fifth Avenue and that connects you to Park Avenue, its not too far away, but this is hundreds of miles between places.”

The president wandered straight into fabulism with his imaginary tales of immigrant crime at the border crossings, including stories of murder for which he provided no proof whatsoever.

“They’re very expensive fences, but they don’t want to go through the process of going through the fences, so, again, they wait until the fence is open, the gate is open. They wait at the gate and they kill people,” said Trump. “They want to take the truck, a lot of times they don’t even want to go to the house, they want to steal the truck. So you always go to the gate in doubles.”

“It’s been going on for many years, it’s coming up, I’m bringing it out,” Trump continued. “And these people are coming into our country, some are dying during the walk. Many of those people I’ll bet are very good people, but some are dying during the walk. Many, many have died. That is what surprised me.”

Whatever Fox News‘ motivation for cutting short the coverage of the president’s press conference, their host Dana Perino tried to mollify any in the audience who were hoping to hear the rest of Trump’s verbal spewing.

“Okay, you’ve been watching the president down there in Texas,” Perino said while cutting back to the studio, “doing something I think is smart.”

You can evaluate Dan Perino’s ability to estimate the president’s level of intelligence by watching Trump’s San Anontio press conference earlier today in the video below.

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Original reporting by Brendan Skwire at RawStory.

Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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