Stephen Miller’s purges continue as critical agency is rocked by another high profile departure


After the firing of immigrant child-abductor DHS Secretary Kristjen Neilsen, the Trump administration continued its clearout of a Department Of Homeland Security that he apparently feels hasn’t been able to be tough enough to fulfill his white nationalist vision for America.

The head on the chopping block this morning belonged to Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles, a former Marine and Customs and Border Protection official who was brought in to lead this division of the DHS dedicated to protecting the nation’s leaders in April of 2107.

According to CNN, Trump reportedly instructed his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to fire Alles in what one senior administration official described as “a near-systematic purge happening at the nation’s second-largest national security agency.”

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“United States Citizenship and Immigration Services director Francis Cissna and Office of the General Counsel’s John Mitnick are expected to be gone soon, and the White House is eyeing others to be removed,” according to the cable news outlet.

The White House sources claim that Alles’ ouster is unrelated to the recent security breach at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort when a woman with multiple Chinese passports was caught illegally entering the premises with several electronic devices and a USB thumb drive containing malware.

Less than a week ago, Trump declared that he “could not be happier with Secret Service” after the reports of the intrusion at his poorly secured “Winter White House.”

The decimation of the Homeland Security Department is said to be the result of Trump’s handing responsibility for his border policies to his senior advisor Stephen Miller, a man who has loudly promulgated views closely associated with white nationalist sentiment.


Having abruptly withdrawn his nomination for a new leader of ICE last week while saying that he wanted to go in a “tougher” direction, Trump has a been obviously frustrated by the fact that his immigration edicts have been consistently overturned by the courts as violating existing laws.

Reportedly, one of the factors in the firing of DHS Secretary Neilsen was her pushback against the president’s orders that clearly violated the law and international treaties that the U.S. has signed.

While the departure of Alles from his leadership position in the Secret Service, it is unclear who will be taking his place. He is expected to stay on in his position until a replacement is found.

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