House Democrats just sent Barr an ominous warning ahead of his hearing tomorrow


Expect the headlines tomorrow to be filled with references to “Barr” and “grill,” except that rather than referring to the neighboorhood watering hole, the articles will be describing the first appearance of Attorney General William Barr in front of his Congressional inquisitors since his release of the four-page summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “principle conclusions” derived from his lengthy investigation into collusion and obstruction of justice accusations against President Trump and his crew.

While the Attorney General’s testimony to Congress officially has nothing to do with the Mueller probe and its yet-to-be-seen full report, Barr’s appearance in front of the House Appropriations Committee to ostensibly defend the Department of Justice’s annual budget request is unlikely to be free of hard questions about the report and the lengthy redaction process it has been undergoing.

A preview of what Barr faces tomorrow comes from excerpts of statements released in advance of the hearing by two members of the Appropriations Committee, Chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) and the subcommittee chairman for the Justice Department JoseSerrano (D-NY). The excerpts —posted on Twitter by Politico‘s Congressional reporter Andrew Desiderio — show that the Attorney General will be facing some steep pushback about his behavior surrounding the paltry release of information surrounding the Mueller report.

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While the statements released by the New York representatives don’t reveal specific questions for Barr to prepare for, the tone of their comments indicates that he may have to spend more time answering questions about the report than about the funding levels of the department he supervises.

With Barr captive in front of the committee, it will be interesting to see how he handles the insistence of House Democrats that they be allowed to see the full Mueller Report and all its underlying evidence.


Make sure to check back in with Washington Press for a full report on the results of the hearing tomorrow.

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