Twitter just responded to DHS Secretary Neilsen’s resignation with a flame war for the ages


After CBS News broke the story this afternoon that Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Neilsen was on her way to the White House to tender her resignation, President Trump confirmed the news as usual on Twitter rather than using standard White House press release procedures.

Neilsen also tweeted out her letter of resignation, proudly patting herself on the back for a job well done since no one else considers the caging of children a commendable accomplishment.

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The responses from citizens outraged by the authoritarian tactics employed by the Homeland Security Department under Neilsen’s tenure to both the president’s tweet and that of the now-former DHS Secretary demonstrated the extent of the partisan divide that the Trump administration’s white nationalist-inspired immigration policies have created.

While the usual group of Trump supporters — fed a steady diet of fear-mongering propaganda by Fox News — replied to Neilsen thanking her for her service, Americans horrified at the degradation of previously held values of compassion and the rule of law vilified her and called for her prosecution for crimes against humanity in the Court of International Justice.


Here’s a sample of the Twitter responses:

The reactions to President Trump’s tweet were similarly devastating.

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CNN White House reporter Jeremy Diamond revealed a previously unreported tidbit about Neilen’s resignation that he received from a source close to the departing Secretary that puts to rest speculation about whether her exit was voluntary or not.

Diamond attaches a draft copy of her resignation letter that is dated exactly a year earlier, meaning either that Neilsen has been prepared for this eventuality for much longer than anyone knew or that her lack of attention detail was among the factors involved in her unceremonious departure.

While most people of conscience and decency will not mourn the exit of the woman overseeing the heartless separation of families without the organization to eventually reunite them, the prospect of Trump appointing someone even more willing to defy the nation’s duly-passed immigration laws is frightening in its eventuality.

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